Falling Leaves = New Jewelry Trends!

Now that it's September, the first day of fall is right around the corner!  Can you believe it?!  The official first day of fall for 2014 is September 23.  So you know what that means! It's fuzzy sweater and blue jeans weather!  And, of course, time for some new jewelry looks.  

So what are my trend predictions for Fall 2014?  Well...here's a little eye-candy to get you in the mood for the cooler weather with my new fall favorites!


Ok, I know....I know....Pantone has already picked their 2014 colors and my choices (above) aren't on their list.  But, that's the beauty of style - we can all pick our own!  So these are my Fall 2014 Color Picks!  These two colors just remind me SO much of fall here in the Midwest!  I think of horseback riding through the woods as the leaves change color and crackle beneath horses' hooves; the crow feathers scattered amongst the leaves and the bite in the wind but the warmth of the receding sun when I see these colors.

Rose Cut Diamond Necklace with Diamond Leaf Charm & Brown Rose Cut Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold by
Melanie Casey Jewelry, starting at $695.  This necklace is one of my personal favs & is perfect for Fall!
The color is just so amazing & the little leaves coupled with the richness of the gold....pure bliss!

18k Gold Feather Pendant by Shakti Ellenwood, $502.01.  Shakti's pendant reminds
me so much of a raven's feather!  I adore it!  Shakti's designs are made from recycled gold & gemstones.
If you want to hear more about her amazing process, click here to read my Feature Friday Q&A with her!

Fall means that the jewelry needs to stand out among the chunky sweaters, blue jeans and layers.  What better way to do that than through big, bold color and chunky statement pieces!  Color is one of the first things that signals the arrival of fall, so those stand-out pieces in stunning fall shades are just perfect.

250.00 ct Retro Yellow Citrine 18K Gold Cuff from Dover Jewelry, $8,999.
I love this cuff with this amazing burnt orange colored citrine.  It's perfect for any fall look!

Victorian Garnet Ring Cabochon & Faceted Stones 10k Gold from Industrial Blonde, $410.
Garnet just seem to go so perfectly with citrines & this antique statement ring is stunning!

Antique 18K White Gold Citrine Solitaire Ring from Gold Adore, $595.
Another perfect citrine for fall!  I love this ring!

Estate Jane Bohan Retired Genuine Brazilian Garnet Beads Necklace with Genuine 14k Gold Leaves from
Moonlight Martini, $265.  This necklace is wonderful for a simple tee & a chunky, low neckline sweater.

Another trend that I predict for Fall 2014 is the resurgence of geometric designs.  I am a fan of contrasts and with all the organic designs that we'll be seeing this fall, I think the perfect contrast is the geometric.  Mixing and matching the organic with the geometric creates the ideal parallel!

Gorgeous 22K Yellow Gold Maltese, Iron, Crusaders Cross Pendant with Gems from MS Jewelers, $885.
The geometric shape of this cross is the ideal contrast to layer with some of the more organic pendants
featured above.  Absolute perfection for the coming fall weather!

Modern Geometric Earrings, 14K Solid Gold Earrings, Mid-Century Modern Gold Drop Earrings from Sheri Beryl, $680.
Sheer geometric perfection that seems to echo the organic looks so common to fall.  These earrings are both
stunning & fashion-forward while also being classic enough to withstand the test of time.  I can't wait to add these to my jewelry box!

I've done a lot of posts about or featuring mixed metals and they could be no more perfect than for fall!  And....since the layered look is here to stay, here are some suggestions that are just ideal for the season!

Asymmetrical Gemstone Necklace with a ruby briolette in 14kt yellow gold & sterling silver from Lex Luxe, $138.
The chunkiness of the sterling silver with the color of the ruby & the dainty gold links....Yummy!

Solid 14k Gold Tag Necklace from Modern Mama, $68.  The ideal layering
piece, this necklace is already a classic but has been updated by Modern Mama by
adding the oxidized sterling silver chain.  This necklace can be personalized as well.

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