Feature Friday Q&A with Adel Chefridi

Looking for something with a little Mediterranean flair?  Well, then you are definitely going to be completely enamoured with today's Feature Friday artist!  Born in the old city of Tunis, along the Mediterranean coast.  He came to New York in 1998, where he studied Gemology at the GIA and then went on to an intensive study of goldsmithing and diamond setting.  

Adel Chefridi's designs are both modern and full of history at the same time.  The Mediterranean influences are obvious in the stone setting and the detail work.  What struck me right away about Adel's designs is how they just reminded me so much of long-ago summers.  They look like a little beach getaway reminder that you brought home with you!  Perfect for layering or as stand-alone pieces of artwork; you are going to love Adel's work!

So enjoy this week's Feature Friday Q&A with Adel Chefridi!

Adel Chefridi

1.  What prompted your passion for jewelry and jewelry design?
I have always had a passion for creativity.  With discovering jewelry I got in touch with stones first.  I found a good channel for my creative energy.  This was confirmed with my first trip to India, seeing rough gems and their transformation to cut gems.

2.  What is your favorite piece or collection?
What day?  It changes, even with the stones I find myself.  I love them all, but on different days.  In general, I tend to like pieces that balance simplicity with details.

Chefridi's stunning examples of simplicity & detail!  I am in love!

3.  What would your perfect “jewelry day” involve / be like?
Sifting through a bunch of stones, playing with the colors and not worrying about deadlines.

4.  Thus far, what would you say is your proudest jewelry moment or memory?
When a customer is touched very deeply by a piece.  It affects them so profoundly they feel it made a difference in their life.

Chefridi's East & West Charm Pendant - This pendant is one of my favorites!  I love the use of sterling silver &
yellow gold with the diamond accents, $320.

5.  Where do you find your greatest inspiration?
The source of inspiration is always the same and always present, it takes many forms one day it's a kid's smile another day a sweet childhood memory, it can take a shape of a dream we've always had or a personality we idealize and look up to. Sometimes it's so clear we have a flood of ideas and images we can't keep up with, other times it's so foggy it's seems so distant and unreachable, but we constantly know that the source of all inspiration is always right there if we only can see it. 

This "Heaven on Earth" sapphire pendant charm is amazing!  The color of the sapphires with the yellow
gold background is stunning, $3,000.

6.  In your personal wardrobe, do you find that you gravitate to one particular jewelry accessory (rings vs. necklace vs. bracelets vs. watches, etc.) more often than others?
Jewelry can be like friends, some you want to see every day. Those pieces you can’t get enough of and becomes a part of your own identity.  Others you may only want to see on a special night out. 

7.  When putting together an outfit, how do you feel about mixing metals, designs and even new with vintage pieces?
I feel it is up to the moment, it does not have to be systemized or consistent.  Trust the feeling and trust your heart.  There are no mistakes as long as you feel right about it. 

Many of Chefridi's designs includes different metals, which makes them the perfect wardrobe stable!

8.  Layering seems to be a trend that is here to stay, for now. What are your feelings on the layered look?  How do you like layered necklaces with layered bracelets plus layered rings? 
Layering is an art in itself.  I love customers who layer many pieces.  I love it when they mix other pieces with ours.  As a designer I see the piece as the finished product, but when I see our customers layering them you see another side to the finished pieces.

Chefridi's pieces are perfect for layering & stacking!  There is nothing that they do not go with!

9.  What advice would you give to budding jewelry designers? To budding fine jewelry collectors?
Budding Jewelry Designers:  Keep your feet on the ground, be realistic.  The more grounded you feel the higher you can reach.

Budding Jewelry Collectors:  Invest in what you love.  Put your money where your heart is.

Flash Question - Dream trip destination?

The "Diamond Harmony" pendant is perfect for everyday wear!  Plus, the mix of sterling silver
& yellow gold makes the piece perfect to layer, $240.

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