Bug Invasion!

I was home sick the other day from my *real* job and in the lucid periods between naps, I stumbled upon a vintage movie back from time as a high school student.  Well, of course, I got caught up in it.  It was an excellent sick day, no-brainer respite.  The movie, Starship Troopers, is about huge alien bugs invading the galaxy.

So as I laid there on the sofa in my sweats, wrapped up in a blanket watching people be torn apart by large, alien bugs; I thought about the pretty colors on the bugs.  Then I thought about how bugs have been huge in jewelry over the ages.  Even dating back to the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs!  

By far the most important amulet in ancient Egypt was the scarab, symbolically as sacred to the Egyptians as the cross is to Christians.  Among the kinds of scarabs are: ornamental, heart, winged, scarabs with the name of a king or queen, marriage scarabs, lion hunt scarabs, commemorative, good wishes or mottos, scarabs with symbols of unknown meaning, and some decorated with figures and animals.  

This scarab funerary amulet from the Australian Musuem, was used to protect its wearer in the Afterlife.

Ironically, during the 19th Century through the 1920s/Art Deco period, there was an entire subcategory of jewelry design known as 'Egyptian Revival.'  These pieces utilized a lot of Egyptian motifs - including the scarab or beetle.

An Egyptian Revival silver, amethyst & enamel pendant necklace at auction through Christie's.  The pendant modeled as a winged scarab beetle with central carved oval amethyst cabochon, purple & green plique-a-jour enamel wings & tail with purple & green enamel detail, suspending twin pear shaped amethyst drops, one partially detached, to a fancy belcher link neckchain, circa 1920.

Here are a few other examples of some amazing vintage and antique 'Bug Jewelry' that I am completely in love with.  Honestly, these are about the only ways that I would even consider knowingly letting a bug in my house!

18K Gold Enamel Insect Brooch from Time Keepers in Clayton, $650.

Carved Bone & Fine Gold Scarab Beetle Pendant with Egyptian Cartouche from MS Jewelers, $1,015. 

Lady Bug Brooch Pin in 18k Yellow Gold Fine Italy Enamel .04ctw Diamond from Wilson Brothers Jewelry, $949.99.
I love this brooch!  Can't you just imagine it as a pendant on a necklace for the perfect summer time outfit?!

But bug images and likenesses weren't just popular in through the 1920s, you can find them in use during more recent times in modern jewelry.

Pearl & Diamond Spider Earrings featuring: 22.93 Ct White Pearls (4 Stones), highlighted with 0.75 Ct Pave' Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Mounted in Black Plated 18K White Gold from Jacob & Co.

18k Solid Yellow Gold 3D Openwork Egyptian Hallmark Scarab Pendant from Gementia13Jewels, $599.

K. Brunini weaves the Native American “dreamcatcher” into the arachnidian pattern as part of her Spider Web Collection.

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