"We're All a Little Mad Here"

Every since I was little, I have been a fan of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.  The book has inspired movies, television shows and other authors...Not to mention the imagination of children (and adults!) everywhere who have ever wondered and wished that they could go down that rabbit hole too!

Inspired by the book yet again as an adult, I thought it would be quite fun to add a jeweled twist to the already famous characters in Carroll's book.  So I hope you enjoy my Wonderland interpretation!

My favorite character has always been the Cheshire Cat with his invisible body & huge, toothy grin.  Although this 14k yellow gold kitty from Xidni isn't smiling, he looks as if he's contemplating his next sneaky move just like the Cheshire Cat would, $410.

This little 14k recycled white gold Monster Necklace by Samantha McIntosh immediately made me think of the Jabberwocky, $148 (also available in rose & yellow gold).  What if the Jabberwocky is laughing on the inside at all of his nonsensical words?  Would he look like this if he was laughing on the outside instead?

Alice never would have made it to Wonderland if it hadn't been for the White Rabbit.  This sterling silver Sweet Bunny made by Cathy Dailey looks so innocent, $27.78.  Unlike the White Rabbit, this little bunny has all the time in the world!

These two crazy women pins must be the wives of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum!  These vintage sterling silver pins from Dragon Thistle just seem like they are having a great time, $56.  Although I bet being chase around by them would be a bit scary, they still bring a smile to my face!

Just like the Mad Hatter himself, this 14k yellow gold top-hat charm from Grace Trees is unique, $450.  Flip open the top & it's a locket.  The minute I saw this charm, all I could think was of the Mad Hatter flipping out!  How perfect that it opens up to keep little mementos in - perhaps the Hatter wouldn't have lost his mind if he'd had someplace like this to keep it!

Fit for a queen, the Red Queen that is!  This stunning carnelian & 18k yellow gold ring from Artemer jewelry has "Red Queen" written all over it, $578.  It just looks so decadent & rich!  I just pictured the Red Queen holding out her hand to be kissed by her subjects right before she squeals, "Off with their heads!"

I don't know why but the second that I saw this vintage 14k yellow gold & pave seed pearl bar pin from MS Jewelers, I was struck by the texture, $315.  Of course, it has to be the Caterpillar!  Doesn't the texture just make you think of when you were a kid & you'd "pet" the little caterpillars that you saw on the flowers?

And who could forget the heroine of the story?  Alice is the adventurer; the girl who believes as many as six impossible things a day!  This beautiful 0.8ct old mine cut diamond & platinum pendant from Anna's Antique Jewelry reminds me so much of Alice, $1,495.  I have it turned upside down to look like a question mark because I think that all the impossible things that Alice believes in never ever seemed to deter her.  What better message is there?

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