Top Ten - Favorite Celeb Engagement Rings

Wedding season is, of course, in full swing which got me thinking about engagement rings, wedding bands and the like.  And, as I was standing in line at the grocery checkout the other day scanning the covers of the gossip rags in the racks thinking about the wedding season...I had a thought, "Why not discuss my favorite celeb engagement rings?!"  It's the best way to fantasize about huge diamonds!

So after many hours of tireless research, I've narrowed it down to my Top Ten Favorite Celebrity Engagement/Wedding Rings.  I can't say all the marriages worked out...But I can promise that the bling was spectacular!

Alexis Bledel

Why I like it:  This ring has that vintage vibe to it that is so popular right now but the octagon shape gives it a stunning modernity. 

Mad Men costar, and now fiance, Vincent Kartheiser proposed to Alexis Bledel with a dazzling octagonal-shaped diamond set in, what appears to be platinum, for the first time at the premiere of Remembering Sunday in Century City, California.  The ring has a vintage vibe to it which is perfect considering the couple got to know each other on the set of Mad Men. (Bledel played Beth Dawes, who has an affair with Kartheiser’s character Pete Campbell.)

Angelina Jolie

Why I like it:  Seriously, I need to answer that?!  This ring is like no other.  It's modern, bold and unique (not unlike Jolie, I would suspect!) but also reflects a lot of Pitt's tastes.  I see a lot of Pitt's love of architecture in this ring.

Brad Pitt definitely knows how to woo a woman. The proof - Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring – a gorgeous $1 million ring with an oblong-shaped diamond that stands out flawlessly on a yellow-gold band surrounded by ribbed diamonds, weighing in at an estimated 10 carats. Brad designed the ring with help from jeweler Robert Procop, the former CEO of Asprey. 

Kristin Cavallari

Why I like it:  Like Bledel's ring, this has a very vintage vibe to it.  Personally, I see a lot of the Art Deco era in this ring.  The square cut almost has a cushion cut feel to it and the diamonds along the band compliment the center stone as opposed to detract from it.

Kristin Cavallari wears a 5.2 carat square-cut diamond engagement ring from Jay Cutler. The ring has a four-prong setting with a channel set diamond band.

Reese Witherspoon

Why I like it:  I love everything unique and the fact that this ring is not only headlined by a unique cut, but also has that classic band with it makes me love it even more!  And, even though the pendulum is swinging back towards yellow gold as a fashion statement, I still can't help but be drawn to the amazing gunmetal color of platinum.

The ring Reese Witherspoon scored from husband, Jim Toth, features a 4-carat Ashoka cut diamond set on a pave diamond & platinum band, according to People Magazine.  The rare cut has 62 displayed facets & rounded corners to make it extra sparkly & was a custom-design by the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation. 

Victoria Beckham

Why I like it:  I love pear cut diamonds!  And all too often, the pear cuts that I have seen end up with some sort of halo around them or way too many side stones for my taste.  I think that a well-cut pear is a perfect statement and the "chubby" cut of this diamond gets me every time!

Soccer star David Beckham popped the question to Victoria Beckham with a gorgeous diamond-encrusted engagement ring. The center gem consisted of an impressive 3-carat pear-cut marquise diamond, along with brilliant-cut diamonds adorning the sides.

Blake Lively

Why I like it:  Personally, I am not a pink person.  But this ring with the light pink diamond and the rose gold could totally convert me!  The rose gold compliments the pink shade of the diamond and the thin bands allow the diamond to take center stage on this ring!

Ryan Reynolds chose Lorraine Schwartz to help him find a flawless, light pink oval diamond for the custom-designed, rose gold & pave diamonds engagement ring with a nod to Art Deco period that he used to pop the question to now-wife, Blake Lively. 

Rebecca Romijn

Why I like it:  The yellow diamond is stunning but what sells this ring for me, personally, is the way that she has stacked other bands with it.  I am in love with this trend - particularly if you have children.  I don't know if the bands stacked with her engagement ring coincide with the birthstones of their children, but if they do...Perfect!  It becomes a 'Family Wedding Set' instead of simply a wedding set.

Rebecca Romijn's six-carat yellow diamond engagement ring was designed by Simon G. & after marrying Jerry O'Connell, the actress stacked pink & blue pave bands against it. 


Why I like it:  This ring screams "Double Duty" to me.  It's the perfect engagement ring or can also be a great right hand ring.  The starburst design makes it unique and also very reflective of (what I suspect is) Fergie's personality.

Fergie's unique ring is a starburst design with a 4-carat center stone. She married actor Josh Duhamel. 

Mila Kunis

Why I like it:  Sometimes, the classics are still the best!  This ring style never goes out of style and with bands or wraps, you can always give it a new look so what's not to love about such a versatile piece?!

When it came to choosing an engagement ring for girlfriend-of-two-years, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher went with a classic piece.  It looks to be a diamond solitaire style with a round center diamond, around 5 carats, set in a classic platinum band. 

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Why I like it:  Ok, what list would be complete without the Duchess of Cambridge's historical, sapphire engagement ring?!  But that is not why I love it.  I love it because it is bold, big and beautiful.  At the time Prince Charles gave it to Diana Spencer, the engagement trend was still fully dedicated to diamonds.  Princess Diana sure thought outside the box and opted for a huge, bold sapphire instead of the traditional diamond ring.  She was certainly a style icon even before the rest of us realized it!

The blue sapphire, originally the engagement ring of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana, was worth £28,000 when bought in 1981, but is now valued at £300,000.  The sparkler heads a list of the world’s top 20 most famous engagement rings, showing how much each one has appreciated since purchase.  The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring, 14 diamonds around a 12-carat sapphire, is worth three times more than the Queen’s, which is runner-up on the list.  Her Majesty’s modest ring, featuring a three-carat diamond solitaire surrounded by five smaller diamonds, was presented by Prince Philip in 1947 & has increased in value from £10,000 to £100,000.  The second most expensive of the Royal Family’s rings is the Duchess of Cornwall’s, an Art Deco design worth £100,000 at the time of her wedding to Prince Charles in 2004 & valued at £250,000 today.

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