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Once upon a time, fashion dictate implied that all your jewelry had to match.  If you wore a gold ring then you wore a gold necklace, gold earrings, gold watch, etc.  Now, individuality is prized more highly within fashion than conforming to such a matchy-matchy state.  Personally, I say, "Thank God!  It's about time!"  

And, I adore the trend of mixing your metals!  I've been mixing and matching since I can remember.  I think the visual interest and depth that mixed metals and materials gives a piece is just such amazing!

So here is a little bit of eye-candy for you to enjoy from some of my very, very favorite designers who are on the cutting-edge of mixed metal fashion! 

The latest cuff from one of my favorite designers, Laurie Kaiser!  This Signet Cuff is blackened sterling silver & 18K yellow gold cuff features a grouping of round diamonds.  To see my original Feature Friday Q&A with Laurie, click here.

One of my very, very favorite pieces from Lorinczi Jewelry is the Small Oyster Ring from the Castaway Collection in brushed sterling silver & 18k yellow gold plating & pearl.  I love this ring!  To see more of Stacey Lorinczi's amazing nature-inspired designs, click here to read my Feature Friday Q&A with her!

Malcom Betts is another one of my designers who definitely tops my Wish List!  This amazing ring is 22k yellow gold with a emerald cut diamond set in platinum with ascher cut diamonds down the band for a total of 1.82 carats, all E color & VVS clarity.  If you want to hear more about Malcom's design process, check out my Feature Friday Q&A with him here.

A new take on the traditional "diamond pendant" necklace, this Caged Diamond Necklace is made of 18k yellow gold & 14k white gold with diamonds is from Tap by Todd Pownell & is one of those amazing designs that you just cannot get out of your head!  I love it!  Not to mention, Todd is also committed to being an ethical metalsmith.  To read more, click here to see my Feature Friday Q&A.

What I really love is looking back in time to different eras.  You know what you find when you look to the past, that classic designs are transcendent.  They are as relevant today as they were 100 years ago.  The mixed metal eye-candy below are perfect examples of that!

This Edwardian beauty is 14k yellow gold topped with platinum & diamonds, circa 1910, from Bedell & Co. on RubyLane.com, $2,200 demonstrates how timeless mixing metals really can be.

This Edwardian diamond, ruby & pearl brooch is also platinum-topped gold.  From Red Swallow Antiques on RubyLane.com, $1,950.

This lovely ring is from the George III Era, circa 1765, & it is in wonderful condition for its age. The garnet appears to be dark red, but when the light catches it, it's purplish pink tones. The garnet is surrounded by six rose cut diamonds. All stones are set in silver with closed backs. The shank is 18 ct gold & this stunner is from Robbin's Roost Antiques, also on RubyLane.com, $950.

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