Wonder Woman Had the Right Idea!

I'm a bit of a geek at heart.  But...I am a geek who loves good jewelry!  As I was snapping a cuff around my wrist the other day, it occurred to me how few bracelets I actually wear.  It's not that I don't love them...But...I don't love them.  

Dainty bracelets get caught on stuff and when you aren't the stereotypical girly-girl, that's a problem.  So, I've had an awakening of sorts.  I am definitely a cuffs or bangles girl!  You can layer bangles and cuffs just like you would bracelets to give them a heavier look.  But even alone, they still feel and look more substantial.  Which, for me at least, means that I am less likely to catch them on things and I don't feel nearly so awful when I bang them into something on accident.

Ok, seriously, could anyone make a better Wonder Woman than Lynda Carter?!?!
And those cuffs...Awesome!

Cuffs...well, they make me feel like Wonder Woman.  Granted, I'm not deflecting bullets with mine or anything nearly so cool.  But they are empowering.  They are big!  They are bold!  They have 'edge.'  They are even a 'little old time rock n'roll.'  (Sorry, but I just had to!)

Here are my picks for bangles and cuffs that are perfect for layering or adding a little bit of rock and roll edge to any outfit.  All the details, and links, are in the captions for each photo.

Jill Hoffmeister - six baguette cuff in rose gold  is available through Rose Ark, $3,700.
This is a perfect, classy design that can mix perfectly with any style from black tie to boho chic.

Solid platinum cuff from eBay, $8,500.
I love the classic look of this cuff - very Wonder Woman, retro!  It's perfect for everything!

Dezso by Sara Beltran - Fossilized shark tooth & garnet cuff in rose gold, on sale $874, available through Aloha Rag.
Sara Beltran is one of my personal favorites when it comes to some amazing, fun designs for cuffs for a more casual look.

Paloma Picasso - Hammered Crossover Cuff in 18k from Tiffany & Co., $2,300.

Dezso by Sara Beltran - Gold & Polki cuff in 18k rose gold, $3,630, available through Shop Latitude.
Personally, I think this one is my all-time favorite design of hers!  I love the way that it has a very polished, organic feel to it.

Elsa Peretti - Bone Cuff in 18k gold, at Tiffany & Co., $23,000.

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