Stunning Deliveries - Marla Aaron!

You know how some days are just the worst?  Full-on, teeth-grinding, jaw clenched kinda of days?  Well, I was having one of those the other day.  I was working at my *real* job and things were just not going smoothly.  I could not wait to get home!  I was so anxious to go home in fact that the idea of even having to stop at the market on the way made me sick to my stomach.

But you know what happened?  I made it home in one piece with no random acts of stupidity on the highway and then I saw "it"...You know what "it" is.  "It" are those manila, padded envelopes that the postman leaves in your mailbox.  You know the ones...They bring surprises and fun and happiness and excitement!

Sometimes, all you need to put a smile on your face is a little lock of love.

According to the return address, this little envelope had come all the way from New York.  And, it contained exactly what I needed that day - a big ol'smile!  Inside was a stunning Baby Lock in sterling silver with my name, the Mr.'s name and "Love" engraved on it along with a beautiful oxidized chain from Marla Aaron.  I just about cried when I saw it!  (Ok, I confess, I actually did well-up a bit!)  It was so thoughtful and personal.  And, it was exactly the surprise that I needed after a day like that!  

Marla Aaron's signature sterling silver, engraved Baby Lock & oxidized sterling chain.  Perfect
for layering with anythng & everything.  Not to mention, an instant pick-me-up!

I had the chance to interview Marla several weeks ago (to read my original post, click here.) and what started out as a simple interview for our Feature Friday Q&A soon turned into a good ol'fashioned gabfest!  Turns out that we had quite a bit in common!  We both love industrial design and anything with any degree of functionality!  Which is, of course, why I immediately fell in love with her signature locks from the second that I first saw them!

Marla's signature locks.  For more information, be sure and check out her website at the link above.

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