Stunning Deliveries - Sterling Silver Charms!

On a whim the other day, I stopped by one of the local indoor flea markets while I was out running errands.  As I wandered through dozens of booths, nothing was really jumping out me.  Then, I went into one of those booths that at first glance you kind of think, "Wow! How did they smash all this crap into such a small space?"

And there they were!  I spotted something small and shiny in the back on a shelf.  Like a bird, I zoomed in and discovered that it was, in fact, a little dish filled with silver charms!    You know the kind, you find them on charm bracelets (you can read my original post about sterling silver charm bracelets here).  

This is a close-up of my own charm bracelets.  This double-row bracelet is a chronicle of my travels
throughout the world from Italy (seen above)  & Puerto Rico to Arizona & Washington DC.

Some of the little charms were cheap silver-plated little baubles with missing plating.  But at the bottom of the little blue dish, were a couple of older, oxidized charms.  The little white price tag tent said that they were only $2 each.  Obviously, the booth owner had no idea that some of the charms were actually .925 sterling silver. 

I carefully dumped out the little dish on the shelf and sorted out the sterling charms from the plated ones.  And THAT is when I saw the perfect ones for my own charm bracelet!  Given that today is Memorial Day, the timing could not have been more perfect!  Some little charms to commemorate some milestones and loves in my own life!

A pair of crutches...

to commemorate a life-changing injury.

A little sitting Doberman pup...

to signify my doberman kennel, First Stryk Dobermanns, & our show wins.

An adorable horse brush...

to go with the little sterling silver saddle charm I have to represent my love of horses.

I love the little stories that these charms tell!  My only regret...that I didn't buy more of the sterling silver charms!

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    1. Thanks, George! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!


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