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Jewelry is such a sentimental purchase.  It reminds us of an event, a person or a memory.  In my case, this time, it reminds me of a special occassion - the Mr. and I's second wedding anniversary.  I realize that it's traditionally the "Cotton Anniversary" but in my world....towels, sheets or throws are not anniversary gifts.  They are necessities and things you buy at a home goods store because you need to be dry when you get out of the shower - not to tell a girl how special she is.  

Two years ago last month...

Gifts on the other hand should be sentimental.  And let's face it, there is nothing sentimental about towels.  But THAT is sentimental!  I also realize that not every gift-giving holiday needs to be a major bender when it comes to your checkbook.  But there are some truly wonderful, viable jewelry options available to you as well!

And, not to brag (ok, maybe just a little...) but this year, the Mr. did it up right in the sentimental jewelry department!  Where did this little brainstorm come from you ask?  Well right here!  It may not be cotton, but this little necklace from Michelle Change Jewelry is the perfect example of personalized, sentimental jewelry that won't break the back (to see my original Feature Friday Q&A with Mchelle, click here)!

My personalized, anniversary Double Block Letter Initial Necklace by Michelle Chang Jewelry
in 14k yellow gold with a  white gold chain.

What I love most about this necklace (besides the sentimentality of it being an anniversary gift) is that is the
letters are very small & dainty.  They are easy enough to wear every day & to layer with other necklaces.

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