Stunning Deliveries - Laurie Kaiser!

One of my favorite stones is the Boulder Opal.  I love the way the stone has such vibrant colors that seem to flow with a real sense of movement - like rushing water or the cosmos itself.  And apparently, I am not the only one drawn to this amazing stone!

A number of designers have been introducing new jewelry lines centered around the stone.  One such designer is Laurie Kaiser of Laurie Kaiser Jewelry (you can read my original Feature Friday Q&A with Laurie here).  With many of her designs reminiscent of flora itself, opals are a perfect compliment. 

From Laurie's new collection, "Diamonds in the Stream."  Featuring 18k yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver, diamonds & boulder opals.

So when this stunning delivery from Laurie showed up on my porch; to say that I was 'thrilled' would be an understatement!  The new line from Laurie is her "Diamonds in the Stream" collection, featuring one of my favorite stones - the Boulder Opal.  I'll let you see if you can figure out why!

This stunning 30" necklace goes with everything from a t-shirt & jeans to the perfect little white summer dress.

What is so stunning about the Boulder Opal is how it just seems to glow in the sunlight.  I love the way that Laurie has mixed
the softness of the opal with that little bit of 'edge' from the oxidized sterling silver chain!  

The extra bit of sparkle this necklace needed is the stunning little a diamond in the midst of a clear tidal pool.

Interested in learning more about opals?  Stay tuned for our upcoming blog all about this amazing gemstone!

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