Spring Has Sprung - Jewels to Welcome in the Season!

If my allergies are any indication, then Spring has most certainly sprung! And, since Benedryl doesn't come with any gold necklaces that contain it's histamine blocking goodness...I guess that I'll have to just focus this post on Spring jewels!

So with Spring is here and with Summer hot on its tail, what are some of the up-and-coming trends to keep you at the forefront?  Well, sit back and get ready because I'm going to lay out my personal predictions.  As always, I encourage everyone to make these trends their own.  Jewelry is so personal that I believe it should be tailored to your individual style.  There is no wrong way!  I hope you enjoy these predictions but remember to own them for you!

1. Little Bees with a Big Sting - Yes, animals are big this season from snakes to foxes.  But bees...they just don't come out every day!  Asleep all winter, they are the epitome of Spring to me.  And, if I'm going to get stung by a bee, these cute little guys are the ones I'd prefer!

By Michelle Chang Jewelry, these Tiny Bee Stud Earrings in 14k gold with diamonds are the perfect, understated everyday accessory for Spring, $310.  Plus, the richness of the yellow gold is ideal for the sunny days ahead!

2. Orange is the New Black...Still - Speaking of the sunny days ahead, orange is still a perfect Spring / Summer color!  It's big, it's bold and it radiates a deep warmth.  Not to mention that it also is the perfect complimentary color for the range of blues that we'll be seeing all through the warmer weather.  Just like a big orange sun setting over the deep blue ocean - perfect!

A vintage 1960s statement ring in 14K rose gold with a 15ct Madeira Citrine from Antique World on RubyLane.com, $575.  How perfect for a night out under the stars or a daytime stroll through a botanical garden?  This amazing ring screams, "Spring is here, people!"

3. Lend Me Your Ear - We saw them all over the red carpets these past few months and I have a feeling that we're going to be seeing them all over every carpet in the future!  The best part, for those of us who aren't into piercing our ear cartilage (or any other cartilage, for that matter.); ear cuffs are the perfect way to add a little 'edge' to an outfit when you want to without the permanence of a piercing.  Bonus, you can stack them up too just like your rings, necklaces and bracelets!

A Marla Aaron Jewelry 18k yellow gold "cuffling."  Her designs also come in sterling silver & a variety of gemstones.

4. Tempus Fugit - With the pervasiveness of cell phones, wrist watches almost seemed to be suffering from an imminent extinction.  But, sometimes, it's still just more convenient to have the time on hand than to have to dig it out of your purse.  Not to mention that many of these beauties are also perfect for layering with light springtime bracelets and cuffs!

Love the chocolate color of this Michael Kors 'Blair' watch, $275, available at Nordstrom's.  The color is amazing & it
is perfect for stacking with a variety of bracelets.  Ideal for summer!

5. Go Big, Go Bold or Go Home - Layering is still on trend for the seasons but sometimes what you really need is just a big, bold statement necklace.  A not-so-little something that can work just as easily for a night out as for a day at the office.  

By Atelier Minyon, the 24k yellow gold & oxidized silver Humble Man Pendant with .87cts diamonds is a big, bold piece, $20,650.  It is the perfect statement piece!  Great for bringing a little 'umph' to a conservative work outfit or a night out LBD.

6. Mixed Metal Mania - With the layering look still going strong, is it any wonder that the mix-and-match look has grown to also include mixing metals in a single piece of jewelry?  Talk about a statement!

One of my all-time favorite necklaces is the Caged Diamonds Necklace from Tap by Todd Pownell.  It's taking mixed metals to a new level with the oxidized silver & hand-hammered yellow gold chain.

7. See the Rainbow - Single strand gemstone necklaces are an amazing, fun, colorful alternative to a standard chain.  Swap out different pendants to create a multi-tude of looks.  I'm a fan of the colored gemstone necklaces layered with chunky pendants, a great pair of ripped up jeans and a comfy tee.

This single strand of natural tanzanite bead necklace from Selene Gems is great for that boho chic look that just screams, "Spring is here!"  And, for only $64 on eBay, you can mix-and-match pendants to create a variety of looks.

8. The Hands Have It - In addition to skulls, I am a huge fan of jewelry that depicts hands.  It may sound strange but Spring time brings out thoughts of hand-in-hand strolls at sunset.  The old saying, 'I hold your heart in my hand" is a perfect example of how hands have been a way to demonstrate undying love for another.  So it's really now wonder why I also love hand jewelry.  

My friends at WIlson Brothers Jewelry have this wonderful, vintage 14K Holding Hands Pendant that I am dying to 'get my hands on,' $379.  I think it would look amazing on a gemstone beaded necklace or even a chunky white gold chain.

9. Chunky Moneky, Easy Layers - Layering is still hot but sometimes, you just want to have that same layered, chunky look with the ease of a single clasp.  Multi-strand gemstone bracelets are a perfect way to have the look you want with ease.

"La Primavera" made of peridot, freshwater pearls & green kyanite by Teece Torre is the perfect Spring multi-strand bracelet, $370.  It's color mimics new grass & the pearls like dewdrops.  Great with a white tank top & camo shorts.

10. Be Radiant - And last but not least, with the Panatone Color of 2014 being Radiant Orchid, you're going to see a lot of this purplish-pink color out there.  Rather than trying to match your gemstone to exactly this shade, try picking jewels in the same color family to pay homage to the color but giving you enough versatality to wear in the future.  Classics are classics for a reason!

This antique filigree amethyst & pearl ring, circa 1920, in 14k white gold from The Eden Collective on Etsy is a perfect example of sticking within a few shades of Radiant Orchid but while keeping it timeless, $650.

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