It's a Personal Thing: Is There Really a "Wrong" Way?

The Hollywood events season starting to wind down a little bit, I've been fascinated by the commentary over the dresses, the bags, the shoes and, of course, the jewels.  What I have found even more interesting than the fashion itself is the related online reparte and criticisms.  Fashion, and jewelry in particular, is such a personal choice that I am dumbfounded that there is, according to some, a "wrong" way to wear it.  

Hayden Panettiere in her midi-rings at the Golden Globes.  Maybe she isn't wearing them in
a 'traditional' style but why does she have to?  Maybe she's making a statement
by wearing them all on that one particular finger....?

I think that of all the fashion choices on the planet, jewelry is the long-standing winner when it comes to how we express our individuality, our personality and our love for another.  From the first wedding ring that was given to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477 (which influenced others of significant wealth to give diamond rings to their loved ones) and the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, who described the how rings should be worn by the well-sppointed Greek to a more modern time when American heiress, Evalyn Walsh McLean, the one-time owner of the Hope Diamond, threw lavish parties attended by her Deerhound wearing the famous jewel. 

The Archduke Maximilian of Austria with Mary of Burgundy.

American heiress, Evalyn Walsh McLean - the one-time owner of the Hope Diamond.

I guess that once you become a woman of a 'certain age,' you start to care less what others think about your fashion choices because you've become secure enough in your own skin and developed your own personal, individual style.  I've been wearing midi-rings since before they were popular only we called them what they where at that time - "antique baby rings."  For backless dresses, I have always loved turning long pendant necklaces around to draw attention to that distiquishing feature of the outfit. But, I can't take credit for that little brainstorm - it's been around since the least!

Women of the 1920s with long necklaces drapped down their backs.

Stunning.  Why compromise on a great necklace simply because the front of the dress
has a high neckline?  Why not turn it around!

So why the harsh critiques?  What's "wrong" with eclectic, individual jewelry fashion?  Why can't we mix a contemporary wooden bead necklace with a white gold zircon tassel necklace or a $2 gas station mood ring with a $13,000 statement ring if it makes us happy?  At least the gas station ring will let everyone know we're in a sunny mood!

"Bring it on," I say!  "Let freedom ring!"  Show your individual style loud and proud.  After all, didn't Coco Chanel say, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."  So if Coco can get away with her own personal style of over-the-top pearls and is still considered a fashion icon; then why can't you express your personality in whatever jewel-encrusted way you'd like?!

Photo & jewelry by Kei Jewelry.

Necklaces by Anarchy Street and Jennifer Zeuner. Bracelets by Vita Fede. Rings by Thea
Jewelry and Art Youth Society photo by Song of Style.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Feathers Boutique Vintage.

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