Get Egg-cited!

It's hard to believe but Easter is just around the corner.  A sure sign that Spring is here!  Every year, I have the best intentions of coloring eggs like some of the dozens of intricate designs that I see on DIY websites.  Well, I should accept by now that when it comes to jeweled-toned eggs; I should just stick to the kind you wear!

So, in honor of the Easter holiday, here's a round up of some of amazing jeweled eggs!

The Wendy Brandes Chicken in Egg Necklace, $16,000.  The 18K yellow gold egg locket opens up to reveal a
silver chicken with diamond eyes & the chicken opens up to reveal three gold eggs.

Of course, you can't talk about eggs without mentioning Faberge!  This stunning Eternity Egg Pendant by Faberge is an antique strawberry red guilloche enamel miniature egg decorated with two diamond-set gold arrows on the egg's front & back. The arrows are following each other around the egg forming a circle.  It was made in St. Petersburg between 1908 & 1917 by Faberge's head workmaster Henrik Wigstrom, $14,000.

White Egg & Octopus pendant from Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry.

A vintage Tiffany & Co. 18k yellow gold Lapis Lazuli Egg Pendant found on eBay, $2,500.

An 18k white gold & 1.50 tcw diamond egg pendant & chain from eBay, $1,670.

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