You're Funnier with....

After a long day working at my *real* job where I: was called every name in the book (and even some creative ones I haven't heard before...); broke up a fight between two older, adult men who should know better and had a communication issue to get clarification on; I was sitting in traffic on my way home when I noticed "it."

Ahhhh...The famous "it."  I'm sure you've all seen "it" too.  The highway skyline here in Kansas City seems to be dotted with multiple "its."  "It" is the regularly updated lottery billboards.  I don't know about yours but some of ours have these catchy little sayings on them.  You know, those thought provoking little one-liners that cause you to daydream while sitting on an exhaust-filled highway at rush hour.  They say things like, "You're funnier with $284 million."  Heck yeah I am!  Some show what life on the beach would be like.  Or say things like, "Even lobster tastes better with a side of $325 million."  Really?!?!  As a big fan of lobster tails, I was unaware that they could taste bad.  I suppose it's possible, but even a bad lobster tail is better than a good bologna sandwich.  Anyway, I digress.  It was the lobster tails...

So naturally, while sitting in traffic, instead of fuming (or attempting to cool off) over a stressful day at work; I daydreamed.  Yup, daydreamed.  Don't pretend you've never done it!  I'd wager that everyone has daydreamed about winning the lottery.  What would you buy first?  What it would be like to pay off all your bills?  The dream trip you'd take or fancy sports car you'd buy.  Who hasn't?!  

So there I was....daydreaming.  Of course, my thoughts turned to sparkles. But let me give you fair warning - it was a long list (and a long drive), so in no particular order!

Single Stone Granule Pendant by Ruth Tomlinson in 9ct yellow gold & a ruby from the Midas Collection.

Torq Rings - aquamarine, diamonds, white sapphires, pink sapphire in 14k yellow gold & blackened sterling silver by Elkin Studio Jewelers from their Rustica Collection.

Opals set in gold by Claire van Holthe.

Memento Mori Skull Ring by Holly Dyment Fine Jewelry.  I love the laurel leaf headress on the skull
of this ring.  As a former search dog handler, skulls & skeletons have a special meaning to me, personally.

Any cameo or micro mosiac pendant by Elizabeth Locke would certainly make my wish list!  I love anything Italian!

Speaking of necklaces, any of Janis Provisor Jewelry's charms in pavé black spinel, citrine, iolite & tourmaline measuring are perfect!

I mentioned that I have a thing for skeleton's, right?
The Juana Peekaboo Skull Ring in white gold by Wendy Brandes is on tops of my list as well!

Emerald cut, wire wrapped aquamarine earrings, Four, by Kelley Ford Owen of Barrett Ford Fine Jewelry
from her Mirror, Mirror Collection.  Talk about a fun pair of earrings! Love, love, love these!

The Caged Diamond Necklace from Tap by Todd Pownell is one of my dream designs.  I am lusting after this necklace!

Speaking of cameos...The Initial Cameo Necklace in oxidized sterling silver by Amedeo.
He's already got my initial ready!

Multi-color sapphire & coin necklace from 1884 Collection reminds me so much of Italy & the Trevi Fountain.

Laurie Kaiser's Raw Diamond Earrings have that perfect mix of rustic elegance that I just adore!

By Monique Pean, this fossilized walrus ivory necklace with white & champagne diamond
in 18k recycled white gold is just classic.  Classic is always good & is a definate go-to!

Of course, there are SO, SO, SO many more amazing jewelry artisans that would definately make my "If-I-Won-the-Lottery" list but I figured that I should stop somewhere.  Maybe I'll do a 'Part Deux' in the future....

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