Stunning Deliveries - Teece Torre!

I have a thing for the southwest.  Just in case the recent southwest theme wasn't obvious enough.  I love the heat, the colors, the boldness of environment and the design that mimics it.  So imagine my excitement when I opened the door and found this stunning delivery from the mind behind Teece Torre, Patricia Caruso.

Isn't this just AMAZING?!  I love the variation in the color of each bead & the pipe-cut styling.

The irony in this amazing turquoise multi-strand bracelet?  Teece Torre started out of Caruso's Elizaville, NY home in 2012.  Yes...New York.  And it's not just this turquoise stunner that reminds me of my favorite place on Earth. Her lariat necklaces, stackables and wonderful, dangly earrings all make think of the desert landscape.  I love that she uses gemstones and capitalizes on their natural variations when creating her jewelry.  So many big box jewelry stores want you to buy lab-grown or treated gems instead of embracing the natural imperfections that make each gem unique!

The blue topaz briolettes with the sterling silver clasp just add
another visual dimension to the piece.

I love this turquoise multi-strand bracelet for the fact that it not made out of a series of perfectly dyed turquoise pipe-cut beads.  The natural brown variations in the turquoise give the piece depth and color.  They allow it to easily mix-and-match with a variety of fashion choices and still be a great statement without screaming, "Hi! I'm a cowgirl."  I mean, I am....a lover of all things equine.  But, having grown up around horses my entire life and having the bum-stained breeches and jeans to prove it; sometimes you just want to look like a girly-girl.....for a few minutes anyway.  And this stunning bracelet lets me do that without taking a total departure from my real world.

My horse, Runic Rayne.  He's an Appendix (Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross).

Anyway, if you ever need some statement pieces that are: 1) unique, 2) statement-making and 3) affordable works of art......Teece Torre is your one-stop shop!  Oooh, and did I mention that Caruso does custom work???

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