Oh...The Stories They Tell!

When my sisters and I were little, my Mom started each of us a sterling silver charm bracelet.  I still remember how much fun we had when we were small searching for charms for our bracelets.  Every family trip became a treasure hunt.  Some charms were given to us as gifts to commemorate milestones on our path to adulthood from family members.  It was a timeline of my growth.

A timeline of my life...Sweet 16; Dumbo from Disney World; Christmas Tree; my first Puppy.

When I was cleaning out my jewelry box recently, I found that same charm bracelet my Mom had started for me when I was still loosing my baby teeth.  It got me thinking.....Life's been full of some pretty big, and pretty cool, milestones lately.  

Ballet Slippers; Painting Classes & more...

Maybe this jewelry box cleanout was just the little reminder that I need to start keeping track of this fascinating(?) life of mine again!  Maybe I should even put it on display a little...a way to remind me of everything I've accomplished.

Three of my charm bracelets on display in a front-opening shadow box so I can take them out to wear.
Top - The sterling silver charm bracelet my Mom started for me as a kid.
Middle - My double row sterling silver travel-themed charm bracelet.
Bottom - Silver charm bracelet for my "grown-up" life.

And, with a second trip to one of my favorite places on earth coming up, I am looking forward to hunting down some more amazing vintage charms to commemorate the trip!  Especially, since this trip will be with my Mom.

An airplane, Puerto Rico travel shield, a 'Happy Birthday' postcard & cruise ship to represent a trip
my Mom took me on as a 30th birthday gift.

Some of the charms from my first trip to Italy with the Mr.
Vintage, enamel travel shields (Roma, Pompeii, Vaticano, etc.) & sterling silver charms
to represent each of the famous sights we saw - Roman Forum, Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, etc.

There's still a lot of room to fill in on both these charm bracelets, but I'm looking forward to the memories and the hunting to come!  And the stories that they tell.

All vintage sterling charms - the world, a cruise ship, Roman gladiator helmet & more!

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