In the Southwest: Jewelry That Makes a Lasting Impression, Part III

In Part III, the final installment of our trip through the American Southwest, I wanted to focus on how to bring a little bit of that flavor home.  So......How do you translate jewelry classified as 'southwestern' in a way that it adds to the more traditional wardrobes that are prevalent in other parts of the country?

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words then hopefully, these photos will give you some ideas on how to add a little spice to your closet without overdoing it.  Afterall, sometimes more isn't better; it's just more so here are some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to bring the southwest home with you - without going overboard!

Bright & Solid - When wearing chunky and bright southwestern style pieces, pair them with solid colors in muted tones.  Let the color of the piece stand out as the focal point.  Sticking with solid colored neutrals will let the vibrancy of the piece stand out with a polished, modern edge.

Turquoise, sterling silver multi-strand bracelet with topaz briolettes from Teece Torre.

A sterling silver & red coral necklace makes a bold statement against solid black.

Mix & Match - Just because a piece is considered "southwestern" doesn't mean that it won't "go with" other styles of jewelry.  Personally, I love to mix big, bright southwestern style jewelry pieces with more subdued, dainty vintage pieces.  The contrast of styles provides visual interest and adds a little bit of fun.  

Sterling silver & smokey topaz 50-carat ring mixed with a vintage white gold baby ring worn as a midi-ring.

One & Done - If you're wearing a huge piece with lots of detail, tons of color or visual interest; then follow the K.I.S. method - Keep It Simple.  Steer clear from BIG fashion your ears, every finger, around your neck and wrists.  Instead, use that one over-the-top piece to draw attention to a feature that you want to stand out.  Got amazing eyes?  Pull your hair back and wear some amazing, attention-grabbing earrings to draw the focus to your face.

White gold & champagne zircon earrings by Teece Torre.

A rough-cut rondelle bead sapphire necklace adds a little flavor to any outfit with a punch of color but
is strung in a classic pearl-like style to go with anything.

Old vs. New - Look at some of these bold pieces in a new way.  Have a brooch?  Turn it into a hair pin.  An old necklace can become a southwestern-boho crown.  Or, a rustic pendant does double duty as a hair piece.  Using these large, or small, pieces in new ways keep them fresh and increases your jewelry wardrobe as well as creating subtle ways to include bright southwestern pieces in your day-to-day fashion.

In this photo, we've paired a hand-carved wooden feather brooch with a carved buffalo bone
feather Navajo pendant from a necklace as hair accent pieces which match
a one-of-a-kind bone, stone & fossilized wood necklace.

I hope you've enjoyed the Southwest Theme and maybe even gotten a few ideas yourself to bring that little bit of spice into your wardrobe!

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