Smitten - The Signature Collection by Monique Pean

I have always been into the utilization of sustainable, new materials or recyled materials and components that are already in the jewelry marketplace.  I just believe in leaving the planet a little better off.  And, lately, I have totally been into horn and other non-traditional "gemstones" as the centerpiece of my jewelry. 

So....imagine how excited I was to see the Signature Collection by Monique Pean that "features rare and beautiful sustainable materials, masterful settings and original designs....comprised of varying fine jewelry styles, from statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets to pendants, beaded bracelets, bangles and rings."  

And all of these stunning pieces have that beautiful earth-toned, rustic but refined look that is perfect as a daily wear statement piece and as the ideal accessory to add a bit of earthy toughness to a formal event!  

I am so smitten with this collection and I'm certain you will be too!

Grey ombré fossilized walrus ivory ring with white diamond pavé, large,
18K recycled white gold, 0.27 TCW - $11,410

Black tourmaline and gold navette necklace, 18K recycled rose gold - $11,485

Fossilized woolly mammoth geometric signature earrings with black diamond pavé,
large, 18K recycled oxidized white gold, 1.29 TCW - $14,380

Sustainable dark buffalo horn triangular bangle with white diamond inlay,
18K recycled yellow gold, 0.045 TCW - $1,060.

Light sunburst fossilized walrus ivory oval necklace with white diamond sprinkle, champagne
diamond briolette chain, 18K recycled white gold, 0.42 TCW - $8,405.

Flawless black sunburst fossilized walrus ivory signature ring with white diamond pavé,
medium, 18K recycled white gold, 0.22 TCW - $14,520

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