In the Southwest: Jewelry That Makes a Lasting Impression, Part I

This past week, I have been traveling through Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma enroute back home in Missiouri.  Along the way, I've had the opportunity to take in some amazing sites, some stunning jewelry and art.  

So in Part I, I want to share about this amazing art festival that I visited.  While I was in Arizona, I had the chance to visit the Celebration of Fine Art festival in Scottsdale.  The festival runs Janurary through March and is a juried show that features everything from jewelry and scultpure to oil paintings and woodworking.  Top artists from all over the country decsend on Scottsdale for the first three months of every year to showcase their work.  I was stunned to see such diversity in the types of jewelry designers at the show.  

I fell in love with the opal jewelry by Luciano Bortone at the show.  He utilizes a variety of opals from black opals to boulder opals.  Luciano incorporates a mix of materials from sterling silver to 18k gold as well.  

Boulder Opal Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Another stunning artist was Paul Farmer from Scottsdale.  His work reminded me so much of the stunning Italian jewelry examples that I saw in Rome several years ago.  

Pink Tourmaline Charm Earrings with Diamonds in 18k & 22k yellow gold.

For something a little more modern in style that I just fell in love with at the show was Donna Armstrong's stunning creations! 

14k White Gold with Yellow Beryl & Montana Sapphire.

From a modern to more a traditional style, you can not go wrong with Holly Arthur's big, bright and bold use of gemstones!

14k Gold & Amethyst Ring.

So if you are ever in Scottsdale anytime from January through March, be sure and swing by the the Celebration of Fine Art festival!

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