Wish List - A Very Jeweled Holiday Season for Under $500

Last week was my all-price point Holiday Wish List (or would that be a Holiday Dream List?).  This week I've got some amazing jeweled gift ideas for under $500 including everything from stunning vintage pieces to some of the most amazing, hottest designers around!

And, if you order now, I bet they would arrive just in time for Christmas!  So wait until you see these beauties.  Plus, I think we've got everything covered from ears to fingers! 

From her Castaway Collection, the Small Oyster Ring by Lorinczi Jewelry is $235.  BTW, I wear a size 6.5...just in case!

From Wilson Brother's Jewelry, a circa 1920s genuine emerald, rock crystal & diamond vintage cocktail ring
in 14k Gold for $399.99.  I love this ring!  It is so artistic & funky...just perfect!

From Wendy Brandes, mixed sterling silver exclamation & question mark earrings for $70.  Only Wendy Brandes knows
how to mix earrings for some super fun, flirty styles!  You can not go wrong with these gems!

From Michelle Chang Jewelry is this adorable, custom-made 14k gold double initial necklace for $368.  Hey Guys - this is a
perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiance or wife...just put her first initial & yours!  Trust me, she'll be smitten!

This beauty is from Quality Vintage Jewels is a statement piece! A cut crystal bracelet with a 14k white gold clasp antique for $68.
I love these old cut crystal pieces & to find one with a white gold clasp instead of sterling - BONUS!

Ok, seriously, I am in L-O-V-E with the chunkiness of this estate necklace from JuJuBe Jewels!  It is a solid 18k
white gold link chain with a lobster clasp from Italy for $499.99.  Truly, a big statement piece for everyday wear!

These stunning Claire van Holthe baroque pearls & turquoise earrings in 9K gold for £170 (approx. $279.24)
will go with everything & are just plain old fun!  How can you go wrong?!

Ok, so perhaps not exactly "Christmas-y" but even good girls still have a little bit of the she-devil in them!  These are perfect
for the *good* girl in your life from SuEnvy for $390.  This blue sapphires devil skull necklace in 14k gold on a sterling silver
chain & 
you can get the eyes done in a variety of stones...if sapphires aren't your thing.

So what does the fox say?  This little fox says "bye-buy-bye-bbuy!"  I this little 9k Victorian gold fox head ring from
Heart of Solid Gold! It is so adorable & the perfect for the animal lover in your life for only $488.38!

I have always loved these old gemstone intaglio watch fobs from the Victorian & Edwardian eras.  I think these beauties
make amazing statement necklaces!  This one is listed for bid on eBay for approximately $20 at this time.  This particular
one is in 18k yellow gold with a carved carnelian Scottish Coat of Arms from the MacCab family.

So here you have it!  My Jewelled Holiday Wish List....all for under $500.  Trust me, plant any one of these gems under the tree and she will have a very, merry Christmas! 

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