Stunning Deliveries - Lorinczi Jewelry!

Last week, I was super, super excited to come home and find this amazing necklace in my mailbox by one of my favorite designers - Stacey Lorinczi of Lorinczi Jewelry!  Stacey was so amazing to make a necklace from one of her collections, the Castaway Collection, for me that I just adore!  

It's her Telescopium Pendent Necklace.  The design is based on a cross-section of a telescopium shell and is done in sterling silver with gold plating and pearl accents.  Perfect, especially since my birthstone is the pearl!  And, I love the mix of metals, pearl colors and the amazing use of void space in the shell's cross-section!  It is truly a work of art inspired by Mother Nature herself!

So take a look at this stunning piece of wearable art from a truly great artisan!  And thank you so much Stacey!  I absolutely love it!

I have always loved pearls - especially the black or gray ones!  They go with everything; even blue jeans!

Love this necklace! It looks great with everything, including a t-shirt & jeans.  The use of void spaces in the
design really accent the piece itself!

I really love how the gold plating provides an accent for the pendant & doesn't dominate the design.

If you want to see my original Q&A with Stacey, just click here to get the full scoop!

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