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People's creativity and sense of personal style astounds me - in a good way!  As a society, we're bombarded by the style choices of the rich and famous. Just stand in any checkout lane at the local market and you'll see more magazines devoted to fashion and celebrity than anything else!

In honor of us "common folk," I thought I'd highlight some of the amazing jewels that I've seen around town.  So, welcome to the midwest, this is our scene!

I spotted this amazing little beauty at the KU (as in the University of Kansas!) basketball game.  It's a yellow gold engagement ring with a pear cut emerald & diamond side stones.  The ring is flanked by two different yellow gold & diamond wedding bands!  I loved the fact the wedding bands were not identical!  The common materials (yellow gold & diamonds) unified them but I loved the fact their wearer wasn't afraid to mix & match.  Awesome!

It was a Rock Chalk Jayhawk kind of night!  I spied these little beauties, & after some careful interogating, discovered that the top ring is actually an antique palladium tablet ring from the mid- to late 1800s featuring old single cut, light pink diamonds.  It was stunning & it's craftsmanship was so unique!  It had this amazing rustic appeal to it that I just love!  The bottom ring is an estate piece featuring three modern, brilliant cut diamonds set in platinum.  I really loved how the wearer mixed eras & wasn't afraind to mix the rustic-ness of the tablet ring with the more traditional (and modern!) trilogy ring.

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