Lovin' Layers - Necklaces

Here is this month's "Lovin' Layers!"  This month, we're featuring the layered necklace look that I personal L-O-V-E!  So enjoy this eye candy and, don't forget, if you have any photos of your jewels piled high on your wrist, fingers, ears or around your neck- be sure to send them my way by emailing me!  Make sure you include any information that you can about your sparkles such as the designer, where you may have found them, etc.!

I love how the heavy chain visually balance out the large, tooth-shaped necklace.

I adore all the colors in this grouping! They are all bold & stand out against the white shirt.

This grouping works because of the layers upon layers of pearls.

This is my own grouping of necklaces.  They all are white gold with pave diamonds or diamond accents.

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