Feature Friday - Q&A with Ken & Dana Design

This week's featured designer is Ken & Dana Design!  I am super, super excited to have had the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about this amazing duo and their eco-friendly philosophy.  Certainly a pair after my own heart!

So, I hope you enjoy this little "sit-down" with Ken & Dana Design!

Ken & Dana Desgin's studio - Where the magic happens!

1. What prompted your passion for jewelry and jewelry design?
Ken's mother and father have had a jewelry business since the the early '70's, so its something that has always been in his blood.  Living in New York and exploring the art scene only added fuel to that fire and the need for a creative outlet.  He joined the family business and later began his own bridal line called Ken & Dana Design. 

2. What is your favorite piece or collection?
There are so many favorite pieces, but the Sundara ring is the very first piece created for the Bridal collection and therefore will always hold an extra special place in our hearts.

The Sundara engagement ring.

3. What would your perfect “jewelry day” involve / be like?
The perfect day is everyday here at Ken & Dana Design.  We have couples in love who just can't wait to promise love and partnership - what can be better than being a part of that moment?

The Caroline engagement ring.

4. Thus far, what would you say is your proudest jewelry moment or memory?
Committing ourselves to eco-friendly practices makes being a part of this world that much more cool - feeling good about what you will use to represent commitment is pretty awesome.  We are proud of our efforts and continue to do what we can.

The Audrix engagement ring - rustic, simple & amazing!

5. Where do you find your greatest inspiration?
We enjoy antiquing and nature walks - these are activities that inspire us, but a lot of our ideas come from sharing in the love stories with our clients.  Our rings represent them and what they mean to one another.  

6. In your personal wardrobe, do you find that you gravitate to one particular jewelry accessory (rings vs. necklace vs. bracelets vs. watches, etc.) more often than others?
If you visit our studio you'll notice we are all pretty laid back and cool about how we dress and think.  Jewelry is an art that makes you feel something, so based on our mood we choose what pieces to rock for the day which is usually exudes a relaxed - organic - and happy vibe.

The Selene wedding band with the Aurora engagement ring.

7. When putting together an outfit, how do you feel about mixing metals, designs and even new with vintage pieces?
You'll find that we wear own pieces, as well as vintage and other designers.  Cool is cool no matter what time period its from. Rock them all at once or one at time - whatever helps you express yourself best - that's our philosophy.

8. Layering seems to be a trend that is here to stay, for now. What are your feelings on the layered look?  How do you like layered necklaces with layered bracelets plus layered rings? 
We really believe in following your heart and sticking to what you feel will make you most happy.  

The Kylie engagement ring & band.

9. What advice would you give to budding jewelry designers? To budding fine jewelry collectors?
Budding jewelers should seek out advice from people that inspire them, experiment, explore art and culture and find a voice. Once you have that you are on your way.

Flash Question - Dream trip destination?
Hawaii - which will become a reality this December.  So excited about the food, the sights, the culture and much more!

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