Feature Friday - Q&A with Claire van Holthe

I am completely and utterly honored to have had the opportunity to digitally chat with an AMAZING designer - Claire van Holthe of Claire van Holthe Jewellry this week!  Located in London, Claire's designs are not only stunning but they have this amazing 'Earthy' sense to them. I just love how she mixes precious gemstones with raw, earth elements such as shells.  Plus, on top of all that - she is one pretty cool lady!  

So sit back and enjoy our Q&A with Claire van Holthe!

Claire during a gem buying trip in Jaipur, India with a new primate friend!

1. What prompted your passion for jewelry and jewelry design?
I was always obsessed with jewellery, even as a small child I would collect shells on the beach with holes in them to make necklaces.

2. What is your favorite piece or collection? 
Actually, my favourite collection is a range I did for Ancienne Ambience (http://www.ancienneambiance.com/product-category/jewellery/ancient-artefacts-jewellery/using ancient scarabs and beads.

3. What would your perfect “jewelry day” involve / be like?
My absolute favourite thing is going to a gem trade fair, even if it is only to look at rare and beautiful specimens.

OMG! I am truly in love with Claire's rings. I would be happy to call any of these amazing designs one of my own!

4. Thus far, what would you say is your proudest jewelry moment or memory?
I think everytime I make an engagement ring. It's just the sweetest thing when a man sees the ring for the first time. You see them taking their first steps to a new and, hopefully, happy life.

5. Where do you find your greatest inspiration?
From the stones themselves. They are the seeds from Mother Earth’s womb. It really blows my mind that these beautiful things come from deep in the ground.

6. In your personal wardrobe, do you find that you gravitate to one particular jewelry accessory (rings vs. necklace vs. bracelets vs. watches, etc.) more often than others?
I really love necklaces!

7. When putting together an outfit, how do you feel about mixing metals, designs and even new with vintage pieces?
Mixing metals is absolutely fine, new and vintage... mix away!

8. Layering seems to be a trend that is here to stay, for now. What are your feelings on the layered look? How do you like layered necklaces with layered bracelets plus layered rings?
I'm guilty of all of that! I'm constantly changing my rings.

Claire's own exmaple of mixing different styles & materials.

9. What advice would you give to budding jewelry designers? To budding fine jewelry collectors?
Look, look, look!  You learn so much just by looking - online, in museums, in shops, at auctions.  The more you look, the more you will know what's good when you see it.

Flash Question - Dream trip destination? 

Such an amazing & dreamy collection.  I was immediately drawn to the feather earrings.

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