Welcome Back to the New Inspired Antiquity!

Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet from our Facebook "Meme-of-the-Day," Inspired Antiquity is narrowing it's focus.  I've decided to narrow the focus to something that is truly a passion for me - not to mention a whole lotta fun!  And shiny.  And sparkly.  And has a long and distiguished historical pressence.

So, what is it you ask?


Art Deco Platinum, Diamond, Jade, Blue Enamel, Seed Pearl and Lapis Bead Tassel Pendant with Platinum and Pearl Chain.

I've decided to share my passion for jewelry of all kinds with a special focus on fine jewelry.  I love to collect (hoard?) fine jewelry!  I've been collecting jewelry of various designs and styles for most of my life.  I'm not an expert or a jeweler.  I'm simply a self-taught, well-educated collector.  I thought I'd share some of my tips, tricks and thoughts about jewelry as well as featuring some fun segments and interviews with some amazing designers and fellow collectors!

Not to mention I'll be adding tons of photos of amazing jewels including examples from top designers (photo below), important periods throughout history (photo above), some with amazing historical significance and even some simpler examples from my own collection.

So........I hope that you enjoy the new Inspired Antiquity as much as I've enjoyed planning our little remodel.  Please come back and visit often.  I've got a lot of fun and exciting things planned!

Van Cleef & Arpels Pierres de Caractere brooch in Lapis Lazuli.

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