Smitten - 1884 Collection

I've been to Rome, Italy a few of times.  And, I just completely love the area, the country, the architecture.....And much more!  I was just so inspired when I was there and it still holds a special place for me.  So, when I found 1884 Collection, you can imagine how enamoured I was!  I'm going to have to figure out how to get one of these amazing necklaces for myself because naturally, I want ALL of them!

My two favorite collections are the Rosa and the Appia Collections. Take a look at these amazing baubbles! Yummy!

I think this has to be my favorite necklace from 1884 Collection!  I am in L-O-V-E!
From the Rosa Collection - Multi-Color Sapphire Chain Necklace with 1 Small and 1 Medium Coin.

Another beauty from the Rosa Collection - White Sapphire Chain w/ 1 Medium Coin and Diamond Bezel.

Stunning coin earrings from the Appia Collection.

Two-tone coin necklace from the Appia Collection.

Two-tone Appia Charm Bracelet With Coin.  Perfection!

Seriously, can't you just imagine one of these amazing works of art around your neck?!  Amazing and inspired!

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