Lovin' Layers - Introduction

Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel....Wow, now there were some women after my own heart!  They loved the finer things in life whether they were men or jewels!  And, especially in the case of Ms. Chanel and her famous layers of pearl strands, sometimes more is actually better!

So, once a month, in honor of Ms. Taylor and Ms. Chanel, I'll be hosting a new feature called, "Lovin' Layers" with some of the hottest, sparkliest, eye-candy out there!  We can drool together over fabulous layered jewelry looks.

And......This is an interactive feature so if you have any photos of your jewels piled high on your wrist, fingers, ears or around your neck - be sure to send them my way by emailing me!  Make sure you include any information that you can about your sparkles such as the designer, where you may have found them, etc.!

So, to kick it off right....Here are some of my favorite layered looks from the stunning Ms. Elizabeth Taylor and the incomparable Ms. Coco Chanel.

Liz wearing "The Mike Todd Tiara" and earrings, Richard Burton's 19th Century diamond and pearl garland necklace and Mary Tudor's La Peregrina pearl (*not yet in the showstopper Cartier Diamond & Ruby setting).  Now those are some layers with a LOT of history!

Coco Chanel lovin' the layered necklace look!

And in her signature long, layered pearl strands...

Obviously her love of layers started early!

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